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MangaArtist16's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! My name is MangaArtist16. :happybounce:
But you can call me Manga if you'd like.

I am a self-taught traditional artist and do all of my work by hand.
Occasionally, I dabble in digital art, so there's that.

Trying to get into paints and markers. Hard to do so, since each stroke is permanent. ^^;

I'm Christian, but won't press my religion on you. I also won't let that stop me from meeting new comrades from all walks of life. I'm an easygoing kind of guy- fairly laid back at that.

Anyway, I tend to steer clear of making tutorials, although I'm willing to critique and suggest changes. If you're ever in the need for some help, note me. I'll try to make some time. :D

Overall, I'm not sure if I'll ever measure up to anyone on this site.... but I'll sure as all heck try!


How did I get into art?

Well, I started taking my art seriously after seeing a few fan-animated series on Youtube, :iconwantonfox:/SSSWarriorCats's version of Warriors: Into The Wild and :iconjazsdraw:'s (old) Wolves of The Mist short movie being the ones that inspired me the most. Wolf's Rain and the Ginga series also played a part as well, as I leaned towards their styles when I started out.

Here's the backstory to all this.
I began drawing at a young age, becoming fond of monsters and Japanese/Western cartoon characters as I did so. I attempted to make comics, but did so in a wrong way (landscape style double-pages, and terrible artwork and story pacing).
As I approached seventh grade, I began to take my art "more seriously", drawing bipedal dragons and creatures and knights..... well, I mainly drew monsters, so that's all you need to know.
After reading it in ninth grade English, I fell in love with Watership Down, whose television series inspired my rabbit style. I also grew to like Ginga Densetsu Weed, so I grew to copy that, despite Studio Deen's awful attempt (IMO) at animating canines.
Also in the ninth grade, I began making card games. Yes, I make my own card games- usually for my friends and I- and still do to this day (although, it's become more of a hobby). Basically, I eventually transformed one of the game's lores and ended up making stories and came up with the unfinished oneshot (now in my Scraps), "A NEWTYPE of Hero".... Yes, I know it's a stupid title. :shrug:
In the tenth grade, I took matters into my own hands and started my DeviantArt account, and... well... here I am, two years later.

So, anyways.
After a summer of grueling tutorials, outstanding help, and an even more outrageous amount of crumpled papers, I managed to become quite good at canines and rabbits.

Currently a senior in high school. Taking art as a hobby, but might turn it into a full time job (I love making characters, in case you hadn't noticed already :)).


I am decent at rabbits, monsters, wolves (and most manner of canine).
Recently, I've added human(oid)s to my repetoire.

Currently wrapping my head around the female body structure, as well as digitigrade legs.
Trying to master line weights, although, I might need pen for that... ^^;

I'm not quite ready for commissions, although I will do gifts from time to time. :)
Be aware that I have a terrible sense of time management, but am steadily working to remedy that flaw.

Current projects are:
- KAISER (Working on remedying the story; scrapping and restarting).
- Currently Unnamed Sci-Fi/Fantasy Idea (See the characters in my "Newest Deviations"? Yeah, most of those are linked to some sort of overarching plot. Might just leave it as pictures with lore, might make it into a story. Only time will tell).

Note: I do accept fanart, so long as you give me credit for the designs and link back to my userpage.

Nice to meet you all!
I hope we can become great friends... or acquaintances... or whatever works best for you. :)


Wall of Positive (and/or Funny) Quotes:

"Living by supporting each other is... The game called life."
~Philip, to Shotaro Hidari; Kamen Rider W

"This series can be seen as this in Sentai history with True Companions as a recurring theme since the five ToQgers are childhood friends and the very idea of literally combating darkness with the The Power of Friendship and imagination."
_TV Tropes, about Ressha Sentai ToQger; A meta example of Heartwarming

"You just do what you want to do. Listen to the voice of your heart. Listen to what it requests to you."
~Otoya Kurenai; Kamen Rider Kiva

"About heroes. When you're trying to become one, you're already disqualified."
~Kitaoka Shuici; Kamen Rider Zolda

"When I was a baby horse, Mama told me the day will come when I will be called upon to fulfill a responsibility greater than myself, greater than this dimension. For me, that day is today!"
~Wand-powering Unicorn (speaking Italian); Star v. The Forces of Evil

"I've got you! We've got this! We've all got each other!"
~Steven to the Cluster; Steven Universe

"A knife can only bring happiness when used in cooking."
~Tendou Soji; Kamen Rider Kabuto

"He couldn't hear. Of all people. Not a thing. And because Beethoven couldn't hear, the thought of him conducting, let alone composing, was pathetic to most people. And so to answer them, he composed and conducted the seventh symphony. Just try to imagine; Beethoven standing on that podium, holding his baton, his hands waving gracefully through the air. The orchestra in his mind is playing perfectly, and the orchestra in front of him, trying desperately just to keep up."
~Glenn Holland to his class; Mr. Holland's Opus

"All right Calcifer, let's get cooking."
"I don't cook! I'm a scary and powerful fire demon! "
Sophie and Calcifer about cooking breakfast; Howl's Moving Castle

"I'll change (the patient's name)'s fate!"
~Emu Hojo, before transforming; Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

"Chocolate? I remember when they first invented chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate.... I always hated it!"
~Elderly Fish; Spongebob Squarepants, Chocolate With Nuts

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Born

(Expert) Sign Language Level Stamp by imakocoa Fluent; CODA ("Child Of a Deaf Adult". (And proud of it!))

French language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Beginner; Learning


Graduated just this Friday.

And I haven't burst into flames. Yet. ;p
Four weeks until graduation...

I'm scared. :cry:
Happy New Year~! :dance: :cake: :happybounce:

Great to have gotten through another year without failure! Well.... almost.

KAISER didn't get off on the right foot, and I've been stressing over jobs and careers and majors....
...Actually, lots of anxiety and fear this year. :crying:

But...... it was made better by your support.
You all understood my situation, and vowed to wait until I could bring you all the great story that you deserve.
For that, I thank you.

No, not even "Thank you" is enough. No word is enough.
I'm just.... *sniff* so happy that you stayed by my side.... through this spiral of madness.

Cry forever [Insert every word of gratitude and thankfulness ever] :hug:


So. Dramatics and happiness aside.

For 2017, I aim to begin scripting KAISER and plan to get it done by December 31st of this next year (completion date subject to change ^^;).

I will begin drawing the characters (or, as I've now dubbed them, the "KAISER Krew" :giggle:) once more, and plan to upload artwork of them as the script-writing trudges along.

See you then! :tighthug:
Merry Christmas~! :santa:

Now, then.
Half of my gallery disappeared and I'm sure you're wondering why they were all KAISER pages.

*Deep breath*
I'm planning on restarting the comic.

Yeah, I know.

I'm doing this because I finally finished the plot of the comic and its content is different than the original idea.
They're still in my Scraps. So you have nothing to worry about.

The revised edition will just be different than the original, but not by much.

I hope this revised plot and newfound drive of mine makes up for "the Dark Ages of No Uploads".

Nevertheless, happy holidays! :hug:

Yours truly,




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